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  • Fructan intolerance

    Fructans are naturally occurring carbohydrates present in many foods, from cereals and legumes to certain fruits and vegetables.


    A fructan is a molecule consisting of a chain of

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  • Autoimmune diseases and allergies

    Learn about the different causes, symptoms and reactions between autoimmune diseases, allergies and intolerances. They are not the same!

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  • What is veganism and vegetarianism?

    Vegetarianism is when a person does not eat meat, but can eat other animal products. Typically, people choose this type of diet because of health concerns, religious

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  • What are the types of gluten intolerance?

    More and more people are refusing gluten-containing products due to various diseases and intolerances. Gluten is a protein found in grains such as wheat, barley,

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